Really understand what is behind a behavior to get ahead of your needs.

Costumer Journey

Understanding the way to understand destiny
It is key to understand, evaluate, manage and redefine if necessary, the user's experience with the brand and / or service. To this it is necessary to recreate the way that the client / user performs before a service or a purchasing process, detecting especially the most critical points where he feels frustrated, lost or bored to neutralize them. Something that distinguishes this approach is that we focus on analyzing the feelings and emotions of the client / user in the different phases of their journey, so we not only take into account the context and quantifiable factors of the business, but also the perceptions that the consumer has of it. This tool is very useful for start ups, where we evaluate the digital journey traveled from before entering the APP or Web to the decisions you make before making (or not) your purchase.

Buyer Persona

Think of people, not numbers.
The Buyer Person is a tool to help the marketing team to work on the design of strategies. It helps them to think of their work as something that has to be useful for the real life of a specific person. For this, we build a representation that facilitates projecting a target not as a series of statistics or data, but as people of flesh and blood. People who feel and have their concerns beyond the product or service they consume. The methodology deepens not only in the reality of the target as consumers, but also seeks to truly understand what their life is like, what matters to them, what worries them, what their illusions are, what their conflicts are ... How our product or service can help in a REAL way in people's lives.

Big Data Qualified

Humanize the 'data'
Companies know (almost) everything about their customers. The volume of data they produce is immense, but it is not always 'usable' information to improve the client - company relationship. We are convinced that the qualitative perspective is essential to turn data into knowledge. Studying the user / consumer to understand the data that generates helps us to create patterns and hypotheses that can then be validated. Our goal: to contextualize the data and 'humanize' them in order to transform them into true knowledge.

Emotional Bonds

Working to create emotional bonds.
Marketing, communication, emotional experiences ... all part of understanding how our brands or products can generate an emotional experience for users / consumers. Our goal here is threefold:
  • WHAT ideas / concepts / announcements trigger an emotional reaction.
  • WHY this reaction is triggered, why some elements connect and others do not.
  • HOW these emotions work to create real links between brand and consumer / user.
And we achieve this with the integration of neuroscientific technology in the practice of qualitative research techniques. If you want to know more, take a look at, The Room's tool to learn and analyze emotions. Knowing what excites and why it moves.