Imagining the future and designing solutions are also objectives that we set ourselves from the research.

Design Research

Dejar fuera la opinión en el desarrollo del producto. Hablan los hechos y se reduce la incertidumbre
Para hacer "diseño de centrado en las personas" de verdad, lo primero es conocer a las personas. Adaptamos la investigación a las necesidades concretas del diseño del producto digital y a los distintos momentos del proceso:
  • explorar: buscar necesidades y oportunidades, detectar tensiones
  • generar: crear conceptos, definir territorios, definir personas y journey
  • evaluar: validar hipótesis, testar prototipos
  • medir: evaluar la eficacia, comprobar la consecución de los objetivos


Adding experiences
We work hand in hand with brands and their consumers to provide different solutions in different areas: design of new products, evolution and development of consolidated brands, create new user experiences, marketing and communication strategies ... In order to make the Co-Creation sessions as rich and stimulating as possible, it is important to involve not only the consumers / users of the brands, products or services; It is also essential that all those figures that can contribute with a different point of view to the process: different positions within the client, providers with an overview of the sector and the competition, opinion leaders, etc. To shape the proposals and turn them into something tangible, we have illustrators / designers who manage to return their proposals to the work group to be evaluated. 360º collaborative work solution between brand, consumers / users and research.

Out of the Box

Look, think and act differently to create territories or discover insights.
Before starting to create and think about a strategy it is time to look for new territories in which to develop the work. There are also times when it is necessary to look at a problem or a situation in a different way to break the established dynamics and create new spaces of thought. With Out of the Box, we want to give our clients tools to inspire them observing and learning from their users / consumers, and then work together (you and The Room) to come up with creative solutions that are also actionable for the company. These tools combine creative sessions, ethnography and work sessions with the client's teams. Call us and we'll tell you more about these tools.