More than just research

We like to offer more

That’s why we put our grey matter to work before, during and after a project so we can achieve more than just the traditional research objectives. For us, methodology is only a means, not an end.

Our conclusions offer more than just analysis: Strategic consulting, contextualising knowledge and validating concepts.

We know you well


We are completely honest and have never liked working in vain.

We take initiative in all of our duties and are proactive; we don’t procrastinate.

That’s why our clients fully trust our results and count on us, especially for projects with ambitious or complex goals.

Neuroqualitative®, an exclusive metodology. We raise the power of the qualitative analysis applying the techniques of neuromarketing from Sociograph.

We use neuroscientific techniques applied beyond the individual, analyzing the processes of attention and emotion of the groups, along with his speech.

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We launch NeuroQualitative©!

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From some months ago, in The Room we have been working on a new product [...]

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EL MUNDO TODAY: brand’s favorite anti campaigne

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Cañas Malasaña

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Overheard in our rooms

Ok, I admit it. I cried watching Titanic.
You put them in your mouth and since you don’t have to chew, nobody knows you’re eating chocolate.
I’m 40 years old and have two kids but when I’ve got the flu, I only want my mummy!.
Mummy’s boy
If her feet are like that… I can only imagine what her inner thigh looks like!.
I want to be in control of myself and my life.
Who hasn’t bought something from the shopping channel?.
So I told myself: girl, you need to start taking care of yourself.
Leaving my boyfriend and quitting smoking have been the best things I’ve ever done in my entire life.
When you’re young, you put on makeup so people notice you. When you get older, you use it to conceal things…
Make up artist