The goal define the methodology, the integration ensure sucess

(Español) Design Thinking

(Español) Design Thinking como metodología de trabajo para que el diseño y la innovación siempre tengan en su centro a la persona. Somos expertos en ayudar a equipos multidisciplinares en su camino hacia un diseño que responda realmente a las necesidades y expectativas de quien va a hacer uso de él. La perspectiva de la investigación es el eje sobre el que ha de construirse el proceso. Y ahí somos especialistas.


For us it is the foundation on which we have built our experience, we believe in qualitative research as a way to deeply understand a behavior or a category. We love qualitative but we are not fundamentalists.
  • Discussion groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Ethnography
  • (Español) Cualitativo Online


What is exciting and why is it exciting?

We always believed that neuroscience and qualitative methodology pursued the same objectives. With the development of new and simpler neuroscientific tools, joint work between both disciplines has become possible. With NeuroQualitative we analyze at the same time the non-conscious reactions of a group and the discourse that this generates, which contextualizes and gives meaning to those reactions. In short, it introduces the technology of neuroscience in qualitative techniques.Read More


We know the importance of data. Basing our conclusions on the clearness of a good quantitative study is essential to us. We have partners specialized in this field who work with the vision of the research we have in The Room.
  • Traditional techniques passed through our qualitative filter

20 years collecting knowledge

  • Automotion

  • Bank and Finances

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Food and Beverages

  • Pet Care

  • Fashion

  • Health Insurance

  • Furniture and decoration

  • Tobacco Industry

  • Technology

  • Audiovisual: Movies Producers

  • Healthcare, Beauty and Nutrition

  • Shipping and Packing Companies

  • Communication: Advertising Agency

  • Tourism

Satisfied customers

"The room Research has helped us finding essential insights about our consumer that have had a great impact on the way we communicate."
Ana García Blanco, Marketing Intelligence Manager in IKEA IBERICA
"The Room Research is an independent researching agency, with experience and full dedication, which has helped Correos to better understand the needs of our Target."
David Álvarez Cibanal, Manager Advertising and Brand in Correos
"The experience of The Room Research in the work with Advertising Agencies has been of great help to us in many projects and contests to which we have presented."
Lara Bardal, Senior Strategic Planner in McCann Worldgroup Spain

Just as connected despite the distance

  Ufff!! 2020 is over! What a year! We are not going to make any summary of this 2020, it is not necessary. What is clear is that this year has been the beginning of many changes: changes in how...

December 22, 2020

(Español) Igual de conectados a pesar de la distancia

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December 21, 2020

Último de nuestro retos para el año: seguir integrando el trabajo en nuestra vida y no al revés, contando con herramientas que permitan trabaja allí desde donde queramos (que no tiene que ser ni la oficina ni el hogar)

Más retos para el próximo año: mejorar en la manera de contar y transmitir el conocimiento. El investigador como Storyteller ayudado de herramientas más visuales e interactivas.

La lista de los retos para el próximo año la encabeza el deseo de seguir innovando y añadiendo nuevos aliados tecnológicos en todas las fases del proyecto de investigación